Grapefruit and Lipitor

As a lover of grapefruit I was really glad that I do not take lipitor after I found out the following.  Grapefruit is known to affect a number of statin drugs.  It is important that if you are taking any of the statin drugs such as lipitor that you talk to your doctor about this.

If you are taking Crestor you can continue to enjoy grapefruit as for some reason it does not have any effect on Crestor like it does on other statin drugs.

Grapefruit interferes with the enzyme the body uses to break down the affected statins causing the statins to stay in the body longer than they should.  Studies done showed levels of lipitor increased by 83% when a person drank grapefruit juice four times a day compared to a person who just drank water.  Studies done with people taking Zocor, another statin drug showed levels increased 12 fold when a person drank a large quantity of grapefruit.

Although we use these drugs to reduce our cholesterol when too much of the statin remains in your blood then you are more at risk to develop serious muscle problems(myopathy or rhabdomyolysis).  This can then lead to kidney failure and other complications which can be life threatening.

So if you do like to drink a lot of grapefruit check with your doctor when it comes to taking a statin drug to reduce your cholesterol.


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